The Class 10 th students of Academic World School, Bemetara have excelled and distinguished themselves by their brilliant results in Class 10 th CBSE Board examination this year. It is to be noted that this was the first batch of Class 10th in which 89 students appeared in CBSE Class 10 th examination. All 89 students passed the examination thus scoring 100% results. Of all the appeared

students in aforesaid examination, 12 students name Aastha Agarwal, bhupesh Verma, Diksha Agrwal, Gaurav Soni, Piyush Kumar Verma, Somesh Kumar Tiwari, Srijan Gupta, Abhishek Thawait, Amit Kumar Chawlani, Aayushman Singh Rajput, Toshendra Bohra, Karan Balani, scored 10 CGPA, TEN students secured A1 Grades(above 90%)in aggregate their names are

Rahul Parte:-9.8, Simran Kaur:- 9.6, Srijan Sharma :- 9.8, Tanmay Agrawal Agrawal:-9.6, Vinay Sahu:-9.6, Yash Kumar Kurram:-9.8, Srijan Sharma :- 9.8, Kamesh Sahu:- 9.8, Haivansh Singh: 9.8, CGPA. Twenty seven Students secured A2 Grades(above 80%).

School Chairperson, Bhawna Bohra expressed her deep joy and satisfaction over the brilliant results of the students in Class 10 th AISSE(All India Secondary School Examination)of CBSE. She also pointed out that these students have brought another remarkable feathers to the cap of the school and thus taking their Alma Mater’s name and fame to greater heights. She also expressed her deep gratitude to the teachers and parents for their key role in the success of these students.

On this exceptional results of the 2nd batch of Class 10 th students, School Principal, Bharat Bhushan Jha narrated that it was the day and night toil of the students under the able guidance of mentorship of learned teachers that has brought laurels to the school. He also congratulated the parents and other family members for their constant supervision and support to the school programme for this grand success of the students.

Vice Principal Mr M. Shukla expressed his blessing to the students & further narrated that this achievement is a mixture of all the hard works & devotion from all the students & teachers towards the excellence. School CEO Mr Vineet Rajoria & Associate Vice Principal Mr Ramanuj Prasad also have expressed their blessing to all the students & congratulate to all the parents also on this occassion.

” We are really thankful to our school & teachers who encourage & motivates us to achieve such a greater height, the entire credit of our success goes to our parents & our beloved faculty members of our school.”

: Piyush Verma & Somesh Kumar Tiwari