The school has a well stocked Junior and a Senior Library for the students. The importance of library classes is to nurture reading habits. All students attend mandatory library Classes in the course of the school week. The librarian works with the students to teach them proper library etiquettes helping them to appreciate the need to handle books and library materials with utmost care. Students are encouraged to issue books from the library, appropriate to age level, and enjoy reading beyond school hours at their leisure.

Whenever a student reads a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light. At Academic World School our aim is to develop and maintain the highest possible standards in the process of learning with the help of Text, Reference books and Periodicals pertaining to various domains of knowledge. The library is continuously updated with latest books and CDs.

The school has a Book-Committee of experts from various subjects and areas for selection of books and other teaching aids. The team, after thoroughly going through the contents and quality of books and material aids available in the market, opts for quality books that conforms to the standard NCERT curriculum.