The Co-curricular Activities and the Pastoral life in the school revolves around the House system. Every student is assigned to a House on joining the school. Each House is supervised by a House In charge, usually a senior faculty member. The House Incharge, assisted by a team of other House members, oversees the active participation of all his students in Inter House Competitions guiding and preparing the students for the same.
The senior students are encouraged to mentor the new and junior students when they enter in the Boarding Life of the School. The school boasts of healthy conventions, where in the old students welcome the new batch of students with social evenings and ensure that they take on to the school life without much missing. Every student is assigned to a student mentor for the first few weeks so as to familiarize with the school infrastructure, practices and ethos.
At AWS students are encouraged to lead and shoulder responsibilities as well as develop a healthy competition among themselves. Inter – House competitions in sports and other activities are an important part of this learning process. Every House has a House Council headed by the House Captain to look into the affairs of the House .The House Captain and House Vice – Captain helps the House In charge in running the House smoothly.


1 Aryabhatta House

Inspiring Initiators
2 Bhabha House

Pioneer of Excellence
3 Raman House

Innovative Explorers
4 Kalam House

Ignited Minds