For the Students we have Hi- Tech Class rooms where the young learners achieve academic excellence through LCD presentations in the class rooms and at Multimedia center. With the help of this children are learning the concepts in a 3D view in an effective manner.

We are living in such a world that is bound to be blessed with science and its invented inestimable technologies. We can never deny the sanctity of science and technology. We should upgrade ourselves according to the up-gradation flow at global level. We at AWS believe that technology should be seamlessly interlaced into the process of learning and enhancing the curriculum across various disciplines and levels.

Seeing the demand of computer technology, which is inseparable part of our life, students should be made aware of this. The school has applied advanced technologies in the areas such as academics and communication The entire school is networked and the services provided are linked and monitored electronically by an expert technical team. The classrooms have advanced electronic support systems to deliver lessons using the latest technology based learning tools and techniques. Our upgraded computer lab is integrated with high speed intemet facility, which is very necessary for today’s life. This modern and advanced computer environment of AWS helps all students in broadening and amplifying their knowledge and ability.