Pre Primary Years Programme (Nursery and Kindergarten)

The Kindergarten programme provides a unique experience of learning two years of Kindergarten (Pre Primary). Children joyfully take their first learning step in literacy and numeracy skills. Guided by the newly designed Kindergarten curriculum that enables children to learn at their own pace, they begin to acquire the fundamental skills of Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, Mathematics and positive Values & Attitudes.

Learning-by-doing methods continue to be a medium of learning and the knowledge of the environment comes with the child’s language development. Teachers are trained to observe and record individual’s development and growth closely.

Primary Years Programme (Grades 1-5)

Our Primary years programme brings in opportunities for different styles of learning with special focus on blossoming intelligences. Learning of Languages, Mathematics and Environment is done through activities centered on observation and discovery and the students are empowered with life skills, critical thinking and creative skills. Collaborative learning is a regular feature while children learn to work together as well as independently.

Through yearly progression, the curriculum broadens with increase in cognitive challenges. Teachers ensure Whole Class Learning that assesses and reflects understanding and appreciation of the core values in life. At the end of the Primary Years Programme, the students confidently make a foray into the Middle Years.

Middle Years Programme (Grades 6-8)

Self-actualization and self-realization are the skills nurtured in the Middle Years Programme. An integration of technology, a connect learning with life skills and honing of linguistic abilities further nurtures an inquisitive and expressive student. The subjects at the Middle Years level include: Languages (English, Hindi), Integrated Sciences, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Information Technology, Art and Craft, Music, Dance, Life Skills and Ethics.

The knowledge and skills gained during the Middle School years equip the students with a firm academic foundation to pursue a variety of educational options in the future.

Senior Years Programme (Grades 9-12 )

Students in the Senior Secondary years are encouraged to express and innovate. The skills of inquiry and opining are catered for hinderingly. At the same time the students are sensitized to their environment and the need for universal brotherhood is inculcated in the youth ready to step out of the school. A.W.S. offers its students an array of subject choices in Languages, Sciences and Commerce.

The latest inclusion of subjects in the CBSE curricula, such as, Entrepreneurship and Psychology will be added to expand the current curriculum. This eclectic, techno savvy generation finds its expression in subjects of music, dance, art, poetry and the language of journalese too and we ensure that the students get all the needed support for the same.