The students of Academic World school,Bemetara has displayed brilliant performance in International English Olympiad this year which is conducted every year by SOF(Science Olympiad foundation, Delhi)in which lakhs of students take part every year in various Olympiads. It is to be noted that one of the student of this school,Priyam Meghwani,student of Class 1st secured2nd position in International rank and will get gift worth 1000Rs(one thousand Rupees) and International Silver medal. Other students who have distinguish themselves in International English Olympiad include,Sneha Dwivedi,International rank4,Yash Kumar Chandrakar,International rank17,Kiran Motwani,International rank8.All above students to be awarded by SOF With 1000 Rs gift vouchers and medals. From class 2nd the students who distinguished themselves are Atul Sukhwani,International rank 11,Shubh Sukhwani,International rank \8,from 3rd standard Kavya Rathi,International rank 24.All these students shall be also honoured with 1000 Rs gift vouchers and certificates of merit& medals

In a special felicitation program conducted in the school Morning Assembly, aforesaid students were honoured by the school management. The school Chairperson,Bhawna Bohra congratulated these winners for their exemplary feat and narrated that students got International ranks due to hard work put up under the guidance of the experienced teachers. School Principal,Bharat Bhushan Jha expressed his deep Joy and exhilaration on the brilliant performance of the aforesaid students. He told that students got this distinction due to their meticulous preparation and timely practice in International English Olympiad..