Academic World School, Bemetara celebrated Grand Parents’ day with traditional welcome and by organizing numerous fun filled activities for the Grand Parents and their blooming kids studying in the Junior wing of Academic World School, Bemetara.The function started with lamp lightening and worship of Goddess Saraswati by all the Grand Parents and other dignitaries from the school. This was followed by sharing of views by the Grand Parents. Most of the distinguished Grandparents appreciated the quality education imparted to their grand children with prime focus on nurturing over all personality development. They also expressed that the magnificent infrastructure of this school and talented teachers are the backbones of this exemplary institution. They further added that the celebration of Grand Parents day in the school premises is a wonderful event and a great platform for the grandparents to spend their quality time with kids thus bringing the Grandparents and grandchildren much more closer.Later Grand Parents and children enjoyed various rejoicing games like Hat Making, Brain teaser game, Bursting of balloon, putting bangles on the wrists of their wives, Draw & Colour, Pinning of Satin ribbon, Musical round, framing of maximum number of words in Word game for the kids and many other exhilarating games.

Many interesting fun filled activities were conducted on this graceful moment to bring up the physical, mental and emotional growth of the children. The Headmistress of the school, Reena Tiwari along with the Pre-Primary children contributed immensely in the success of this event. School Principal, Bharat Bhushan Jha acknowledged sincere gratitude to the Grand parents for their benign presence. He also expressed that it had been a great moment for the distinguished visitors to spend quality time with their better halves and enjoying the moment of pleasure with their kids. He further narrated that Grand Parents are the foundations of family, society and nation and they can really contribute a lot in proper nurturing of the kids.

School Chairperson, Bhawna Bohra expressed her great joy and satisfaction for the gracious presence of the Grand Parents on this rare occasion. She told that such type of program brings grandparents together to share their quality time with each other and their children.