Parents are the primary teachers of their children and are the only ones to mount the foundation pillars of their child. There are certain things that a child acquires at an early age. Since the child starts growing up, parents are worried about various things linked to their child’s growth and the pretty first notion they are concerned about is their education. Education not only builds the foundation but also, strengthens their perspectives and abilities. Nevertheless, there’s a tremendous difference between a casual and structured education that solely schools can provide.

Schools offer a structured education that constructs a child’s physical, emotional and psychological attributes. School education empowers those pillars and makes the children world-ready. Children are open to specific activities and tasks at school that sharpens their scholastic as well as survival skills. Therefore, the right school impersonates a requisite position in a child’s growth.

Now when we sub-categorize schools whilst picking them, the majority of the people favor CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). It is a board of education on a national level that is regulated and supervised by the Government of India. The reason to choose CBSE is to follow the much acknowledged NCERT curriculum. CBSE has unfolded as one of the approved boards of education since the past few decades in India. It is the platform that shapes the students into the global leaders of speculative as well as social vivacity. CBSE Board proposes to hold the balance between academic and cultural activities amongest its students.


Apart from CBSE board, Schools also play a colossal part in a child’s education, and such is because the way they implement the curriculum which marks its impact on the children. Schools enhance the board of education’s structure and render the students the environment they need to nourish.

Gripping in mind all the principal factors we discussed in a child’s education process, in this article, we have considered all the portions that will help you pick the best CBSE school for your child.

  1. Affiliation

The very primary viewpoint to consider whilst choosing the best CBSE school is its Affiliation and curriculum. One has to make sure that the chosen school serves the same curriculum as NCERT affiliated schools should. Some schools don’t genuinely match the same criteria, and that is what one has to ensure before making the final choice.


  1. Infrastructure

Advanced and well-equipped infrastructure is the need of the hour. Along with the excellent administration, it’s expected to have the state-of-the-art labs and spaces for outdoor activities. It also includes the library, classrooms, washrooms, and auditorium. It is one of the fundamental elements of the best CBSE school that helps in rendering structured and efficient learning to its students.

  1. Faculty

A Teacher is an influential source of knowledge and wisdom for the students. A teacher incredibly makes a significant difference in a student’s life and makes way for their bright future. Before you choose the best CBSE school for your child, verify the eligibilities of its faculty affiliates and their professional experiences.


  1. Affordability and security

With an excellent infrastructure and an established educational curriculum, comes the emolument. An unduly expensive fee structure is a delimitation to those seeking for quality education. We at AWS, endeavor to procure an education same as the boarding schools in India with an affordable approach.

Along with imparting knowledge, we also make sure to keep our students safe and secure in the school premises. And for that, we have installed the security cameras within the building premises and all the safety policies a school should hold.


  1. Co-curricular activities

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”.

The same way, personality development is equally important as academic development of a child. So, reach an agreement on the school which will not only nurture its students but also encourage them to explore their interests autonomously. Be it physical or emotional need, nurturing environment is equally important for a child as his/her education is.

  1. Variety of subjects and options to choose

Do confirm the streams and subjects the school has to offer to its high school students. Some schools lack offering all the streams to its students which hinders the consistency and interests of the students. Therefore, settle on the schools that provide various subjects which preserve the steadiness of the students alive.


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