Beyond the Classrooms. – (Virtual Classrooms)

Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself. Since ever teachers are carving and chipping away to create masterpieces. Learning may begin in confined classrooms but it certainly doesn’t end there. Digital education…Virtual classrooms…..are the new synonyms.

Advantages of online classes

Learners are at advantageous end in online classes. As online classes offer flexibility and a variety of academic opportunities during the present time of pandemic. Out of many, below are the five basic reasons stating the importance of online classes.


5 reasons why online classes are better

#1. Through virtual classrooms, students can learn consistently during this pandemic

A study of IBM has found that students learn 5 times better in online classes using various media content as virtual classes give themfull control and freedom over their own learning efficiency, leading to which they are able to work and learn at their own speed and cope up with all the studies during this time.

 #2. Helps in staying connected with the educators and peer group

Indeed, now more than ever, it’s important to stay connected. Online classes provide opportunity to discuss, give, and receive feedbacks on assignments, syllabus and learning material among peer group and with the educators. Through these virtual classes, learners can stay connected with the teachers and peer group;as all are navigating this challenging time, can understand and facilitate the emotional and physiological needs too.

3 Comfortable and accessible learning environment

Online learning facilitates learning free from geographical boundaries which is the foremost need of the hour of pandemic. It means the learners can sit back in safe environment and be a part of learning process.

#4 Technical skills are improved

Virtual classrooms help students to acquire the technical skills they need on the job. These skills can include the ability to use new and updated software, better in-depth online research, communicating effectively over the various online platforms, etc. Companies in this 21st century often demand these skills as more and more positions requiring employees to work remotely. Students may add a new column stating such skills in their resume which they are acquiring automatically during online classes.

#5 Easy Accesses to teachers

Last but not the least in the list the online classes provide opportunity to both teacher and student to be in regular touch. Struggling students can contact their educators more frequently. Teachers can identify and address the learning gap without time refrain in this format.