Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.”

In the era where multi-skilled is the need of the hour, it is equally imperative for a child, to brush up their academic potential. At every phase of his life, a child needs to come up with different skills to grow. However, as the system runs, the education system and corporates endeavour to go beyond academic grades; there’s still a part of it left that requires a child’s academic potential.

At Academic World School, we believe that children should be handled with love and care. Therefore, we have composed a few ways to enhance your child’s academic potential without rubbing off their sparkle.

  1. Recognize the strengths and weaknesses 

Parenting comes with a lot of challenges, and comprehending four child’s potential is one of many. Before you design a robust curriculum for enhancing your child’s academic potential, make sure that you determine their strengths and weaknesses first. Every child has their own unique potential that needs support.

2.  A robust schedule

Plan a strict schedule for a month and make sure your child adheres to it.

Following the same schedule may seem difficult to children but as they  get hang of it, their skills and knowledge will only brush up with time.

No matter how high academic potential your child may have, but only a consistent practice will make him/her achieve excellence when he/she grows up.

The robust curriculum of the students of AWS is what makes it the best boarding school in Chhattisgarh that keeps a clear vision for its students and their growth.


  1. Identify your child’s field of interest

Each child has its point of interest and excelling intelligence. As a parent, we ought to recognize and support it without reservations. Observing what excites them or which subject they find easy and fun filled can be motivating.

Remember, a child should have a personal goal, but simultaneously he/she should enjoy the journey achieving it.

  1. Set goals and the rewards

According to child’s potential and skills, set a goal and present them with rewards every time they make efforts to achieve it. The more achievements they  hold, the more they will be enthusiastic to learn more.

  1. Motivate your child

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Motivate your child and make them understand the importance of education.

Make them realize the value of their dreams and never to give up on something they enjoy. Children are like seeds that need to be nurtured lovingly to be fruitful.

The Faculty of AWS understands it leaves no stones unturned to motivate the students and provide them the freedom to dream in their own ways. Undoubtedly, we stand out as the best CBSE School in Chhattisgarh for supporting the dreams of our students. .

6. Excellence over grades

As we talk about the approaches to boost your child’s academic potential, we should not forget that childhood is not meant to be matured and focused all times. As the title says, excellence over grades, make sure that you don’t pressurize your child to over achieve academically while comparing the child with others.

Remember that grades should not be over and above your child’s enthusiasm.

  1. Consistent reading

Practice makes everyone perfect.”

Get your child to read, write and practice consistently and polishing up their skills and knowledge leading to their academic excellence. Follow the subjects closely they love to be engaged with , and make them practice it frequently for improved results. Our skilled and experienced faculty believes in such guided practices and ensures the same for the students.

AWS is the first school in Chhattisgarh to inspect the routine of its students individually and take corrective measures.

  1. Make them stand on their own

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”

Guide your child to experience all the phases of life and create their own path of glory. Sometimes parents deem that children are incapable to choose their path, but history tells us otherwise. Living their own dreams, guided by supportive faculty , will not only make them independent but also sharpen up their thought process.

Parents often ignore the dire need of child’s playtime too and   unnecessary create a sense of competition with their peers that often leads to disappointments.  Children are fragile so must be handled with utmost love and care. .

At AWS – The best School in Chhattisgarh, we believe that “Academic talent, if processed thoughtfully, will certainly make a great product.”