Outside the quality framework of an educational syllabus, there are enormous opportunities for a child to learn new skills and ignite new passions. Extra-curricular, or Co-curricular when broken down, elaborates- “extra” meaning “outside” and “curricular” refers to all work you do in the classroom. Literally meaning that extracurricular activities are activities that a child does outside of class including arts, athletics, school clubs, and other pursuits. Meaning, anything that a child is actively and productively involved in is Co-curricular. These are a vital part of even college applications these days, as they showcase who they are outside the classroom, as a person. The world’s transforming into a global village. In the highly competitive world that we’re living in, barely a good mark sheet won’t suffice. Let us present 5 reasons as to why and how these activities are a necessary tool to your child’s holistic development:

1.Teaches life skills, soft skills, and social skills: The very nature of the lessons learned by the students by engaging in extracurricular activities is that it stays with them for the rest of their lives. Co-curricular activities inculcate real-world skills in children and blossom their personalities. These days, especially in recent times, parents often have a complaint that their child is always on their phones, TV, Video games rather than going out, making friends playing with them, etc. To put that easily, children nowadays are becoming unsociable creatures.  Participating in extracurriculars like music, debate competition, sports, clubs can help them enrich their key skills and personality traits that can be helpful in other walks of life. For example, if your child is a part of the debating team, later in life, while facing a job interview- the manager would know that he works well with others, in a team and can argue a point professionally and has Public Speaking experience- all the skills to have in the workplace. Likewise, sports can help them developing leadership, teamwork, problem-solving skills. Learning to play a musical instrument requires perseverance, hand-eye coordination, and, above all, creativity.  Hence, anything that your child indulges in, at Academic World School, would always prove to be extremely productive for him in many ways.

We always focus not only on the academics of the students but also to prepare the students for the walk of life, come what may!  And that is what makes AWS, one of the world-class CBSE Schools in Chhattisgarh.

2. Boosts Self-esteem and confidence: Such activities also aid in the development of your child’s self-esteem and confidence. The more the child achieves success through activities they’re passionate about- like winning medals in sports, learning a musical instrument, or bagging first prize in a speech competition- the more their self-confidence will improve. A highly competitive environment like in recent times can tend to get to the students’ head at times, making it overwhelming for the child. AWS understands this and plays the role of a parent here making sure that the mental health of the child is taken care of as well. The sense of gratification your child would get when he succeeds in an activity he enjoys and has worked laboriously for will boost him with immense courage and self-assurance proving it to be an absolutely essential tool for his mental and emotional well-being.

3. A catalyst to academic performance: While some parents and students have a preconceived notion that engaging in extracurricular activities might take away too much of their time from academics, thus hurting their grades; AWS always strives to strike the perfect balance for the child between education and extracurricular, striving to make the students learn from the best of both. For example, high endurance sports will train the child to focus and build stamina in times of intense difficulty. The kid will thus learn to manage the anxiety and shift the focus to studying harder when it gets tough during the exams. Thus making it the number one school in Chhattisgarh

4. Broaden perspectives and explore one’s interests: When your child gets exposure to such a vast range of activities like working on school magazines or Annual Newsletters, debate clubs, storytelling sessions, dance classes, music groups, student councils, etc., they get an opportunity to explore a range of interests and unlock passions they never knew they had. This is what makes Academic World School the best school in Chhattisgarh.

5. Soothing and productive breaks: While many students, during their study breaks, spends their time on social media or talking to a friend over the phone, a student who likes to draw or paint, or is interested in sports, music, or any other co-curricular activity would do that during their study breaks hence reaping the two-folded benefit of polishing their skills as well as using their time more productively than the other students. Taking some time off hitting the book also gives the student something fun, yet skill-able, to do aside from school. Teachers at AWS are always very dedicated to helping students perform to their best abilities.

Academic World School, CBSE school in Chhattisgarh, understands how important a child’s multidisciplinary enrichment is, and keeping that in mind, we’ve designed the curriculum in such a way that they get the best of both worlds. To know more about how we function and how we can help your child be the best version of oneself, contact us at: 



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